Kamis, 13 September 2012

10 Tips to Manage Your High Blood Pressure

What a major danger factor for cardiovascular disease and stroke?
That's right, it's Hypertension! Or you might know it as high blood pressure. And today this condition is generally impacting more than billion dollars individuals worldwide!

Hey, who knows that you might already suffer this situation? Looking to a way out? Examine these tips for precautions!
1. Create sure your high blood pressure is less than 140/90 mm Hg. If your systolic stress is over 140, ask your physician what you can do to lower it.
2. Take your high blood pressure medication, every day, if recommended. You got questions? Go talk to your doctor!
3. Excess bodyweight improves your chance of great pressure! So you better set your life for a excellent and balanced bodyweight. To determine if you need to shed bodyweight is to find out your bmi or BMI.
4. Getting you all wet while in exercising is excellent and balanced. Perform at least 30 minutes! Walking at most days of the week is wise decision.
5. Pick meals low in sodium and sodium. Most People in america shouldn't eat more than 2.4 grms of sodium a day. That is equal to about one tsp. of table sodium a day. But if you got higher high blood pressure, consult the physician, he may recommend less.
6. Examine the nourishment brands. You see, almost all packed meals contain sodium. So when you get ready or eat a packed meals, better know how much sodium is in one providing.
7. Create a sodium publication. It will keep you in track with your sodium intake history! So you can choose which meals to drop off or to stay away.
8. Instead of sodium, why don't you use herbs and spices or herbs to season the meals you get ready at home? Cut down your sodium intake will bring healthier results. Try it!
9. Fruits and vegetables, vegetables, and grain are excellent meals to eat. Put them in your selection and don't forget to also low-fat milk products.
10. Stop taking liquor at all! Or eat it in average amounts. For men, this is less than two 12 oz portions of alcohol, or two 1 1/2 oz portions of "hard" liquor a day. Women or less heavy in bodyweight individuals should have not more than a a cup of any one of these drinks in a given day.